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14 new D.C. businesses received approval for medical cannabis licenses.

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Catch the Smoke: Oct. 23, 2023

D.C. medical cannabis sales steady

D.C. released the monthly medical cannabis program metrics yesterday, revealing a slight rise in dispensary sales and over a $300,000 drop in cultivation sales in September. The program sold a total of $4.4 million in cannabis products overall. It’s important to note that these metrics do not include the gray market I-71 shops that proliferate across the city. Read more of our summary here

  • 14 new businesses received Alcohol Beverage and Cannabis Administration’s approval for medical cannabis licenses including one placarded business. 

  • Another meeting will be held this Wednesday, Oct. 23 at 1:30 P.M.

PG county doesn’t want dispensaries 

Legislation to limit all cannabis dispensaries to opening only in industrial zones in Prince George’s County advanced through city council last week. An amendment to allow weed shops to open in commercial areas failed. Opponents say the restrictions will make it even more difficult for minorities to enter the industry.  

  • State regulators issued guidance on cannabis businesses avoiding burglaries.

  • Maryland released new explicit instructions for its license applications that open  on Nov. 13. 

Election could save or tank VA weed

Virginia’s election next month could either lead to further rollbacks on cannabis reform in Republican’s continue to hold on to power or finally lead to legal sales if democrats take power back. Gov. Youngkin has practically frozen over the market despite legalization of sales in 2021.

East Coast Round Up

New York hit $83 million in recreational marijuana sales in the first three quarters despite a broken market .  

New York opened up its license application, but now overwhelmed, boards are saying they can’t meet the 30-day processing deadline. Application deadlines were extended by two weeks. 

New Hampshire’s state-owned cannabis store proposal was warned that it could create a federal liability. Farmers oppose the state-run model.

Jersey City sued New Jersey over allowing off-duty police to smoke weed.

Culture Corner

Jimmy Kimmel announced Oct. 20, Snoop Dogg’s birthday, as DoggFather’s Day to celebrate the rapper’s contributions to cannabis culture. 

From the Swamp

Three in ten drug arrests are for weed according to new federal data released by the FBI, but the data is inconsistent due to a lack of agencies reporting arrests.

The House cannabis bill received two new democratic sponsors. The Senate’s bill received one new democratic sponsor. The House is still speakerless though so cannabis banking is unlikely to see any movement soon. 

The cannabis seed market is booming as people try to grow their own plants amidst murky legalization. 

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The DC Cannabis Business Association hosts an info and networking session tomorrow evening focused on connecting the community and answering questions at 4200 Kansas Ave NW. (Oct. 23; free)

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