D.C.'s medical cannabis program is showing positive signs after a challenging year. April saw the highest sales in nine months, likely driven by the opening of two new dispensaries. Manufacturing...

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Eastern U.S. Cannabis News and Information

The Outlaw Report provides up-to-date and in-depth coverage of developments affecting cannabis legalization stakeholders in Eastern U.S. markets. While West Coast cannabis markets often receive the most media attention, many East Coast and Mid-Atlantic state markets are developing rapidly, creating opportunities for new brands to establish a foothold while often wreaking havoc on the existing gray-market and medical industries. With an unclear timeline for federal legalization, maintaining awareness of the constantly changing policy landscape is a must for anyone with a professional or personal interest in the plant. At Outlaw Report, we cover the latest news and highlight the important issues with all stakeholders in mind.

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The Outlaw Report’s weekly news round-up contains a breakdown and analysis of the top developments affecting cannabis business and policy in Eastern U.S. markets, such as Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Washington D.C. Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or just a medical cannabis cardholder who wants to get familiar with the brands operating in your market, our newsletter will keep you informed about the most important news each week so you can stay on top of the trends. Subscribe today to start receiving updates via email, and join over 7000 other professionals, business owners, politicians, and service providers in the Northeast region.

Independent Policy and Business News

Although we are a small, independently-run outfit, we occasionally publish in-depth coverage of policy developments, public hearings, business transactions and disputes, as well as interviews with policy-makers and other experts. We work with reputable freelance journalists who have access to the most important stories as they are developing, and our reporting has been cited by well-known cannabis industry outlets as well as mainstream outlets such as NPR. To start learning about the cannabis markets in your area, browse some of our most frequently-covered topics below.



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