VA Senate and House Democrats agree on adult-use market bill, set to standoff with Gov.


Maryland Considers Law to Limit County Control Over Cannabis Dispensaries

Maryland lawmakers are considering legislation to limit counties’ power to restrict cannabis dispensary locations. This comes after some counties used zoning to slow down or prevent dispensary openings, raising concerns from a powerful House committee chair who argues this undermines the state’s legalization efforts and potentially harms minority communities. The proposed legislation aims to ensure fair and accessible cannabis retail across the state.

  • Police recovered nearly $28,000, along with suspected marijuana, mushrooms, a Glock handgun, and an AR pistol, during a search of a Maryland residence.
  • Cannabis tax bill in Maryland would funnel money to communities punished most by prohibition

VA Senate and House Democrats agree on adult-use market bill, set to standoff with Gov.

Virginia Democrats have reached an agreement to launch a legal adult-use cannabis market on May 1, 2025, despite Republican Governor Youngkin’s opposition. The new deal aims to avoid giving existing medical providers an unfair advantage and establishes a combined tax rate of 9%. This legislation, however, still needs to pass both houses and overcome Youngkin’s potential veto, which Democrats lack the votes to override. Read more here.

  • Over 70 pounds of marijuana were discovered in the checked baggage of two men, leading to their arrest at Dulles International Airport last week by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers.

DMV company focuses on patient access

Upling is a Black-owned cannabis delivery app focused on increasing patient access and offering customized service to dispensaries in Washington. D.C., Maryland and Jamaica. Founded by Colin Fraser, a formerly incarcerated individual, the company prioritizes employing returning citizens and aims to address the societal issues created by the war on drugs.

East Coast Round Up

Pennsylvania Governor Shapiro is calling for recreational marijuana legalization, facing a more favorable political landscape than his predecessor.

Maine bill LD2204, aiming to crack down on large-scale illegal cannabis operations, faces opposition from legal experts citing existing laws and potential rights violations.

The New Yorker dug into how NY’s failure of a potentially industry shifting focus on social equity could signal a wider end to the hope that legal cannabis could right racial economic injustice.

THE CITY found that despite ongoing raids on unlicensed smoke shops selling cannabis products, the state has only collected a minuscule amount of the $25 million fines levied by the state agencies.

  • CAB meets tomorrow at 1 P.M., watch here.

Around the country

While marijuana use is increasing nationwide, contaminated products laced with heavy metals, mold, and other harmful substances are raising concerns about serious health risks. Studies link contaminated marijuana to various illnesses, from fungal infections to fatal lung conditions, prompting concerns over the industry’s safety practices.

Breaking a trend of steady growth, the number of active cannabis business licenses in the US saw a 4% decline in 2023 compared to the previous year, according to a report by CRB Monitor. This marks the first instance of a decrease since the industry began flourishing.

Cookies, a prominent cannabis brand, faces a legal battle with its partner in numerous marijuana stores. The partner, Cookies Retail, alleges in a lawsuit that Cookies violated California franchise law and caused significant financial harm.

  • Cookies is also wrapped up in a new Georgia RICO lawsuit with 13 other companies, accused of mislabeling marijuana as hemp.

A lawsuit was filed against California businessmen for allegedly misusing $145 million from a cannabis operation funded by a now dead Russian national.

From the Swamp

Major veterans groups are pressuring the Biden administration to swiftly ease federal marijuana restrictions, echoing growing demands to reschedule the drug following the Department of Health and Human Services’ recommendation six months ago.

The House cannabis banking bill got one new cosponsor for 103.


A study found psilocybin therapy effective and safe for depression and bipolar disorder, even in patients with complex conditions, and suggests further research for this group.

Vermont is considering legalizing psilocybin and forming a work group to study therapeutic use of psychedelics.

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