VA Senate and House Democrats agree on adult-use market bill, set to standoff with Gov.


Second-to-Last Licensing Period Opens as Medical Cannabis Sales in D.C. Continue to Decline


The second retail application period for medical cannabis licenses opened today in Washington, D.C. This social equity retail licensing period is part of D.C.’s cannabis medical expansion. 

The period for cultivators and manufacturers to apply has passed, and unlicensed I-71 operators could apply to transition to the legal market until Jan. 29, 2024. The period opening today is the second to last licensing period laid out by The Alcohol Beverage and Cannabis Board as they facilitate market expansion. Read our whole report here

  • Seven businesses were granted medical retail or internet retail licenses labeled as “new” retailers not unlicensed retailers during last week’s ABCA hearing. They included Green Label and Chocolate City Wellness both long operating I-71 shops that are now transitioning. 
  • Delorean, rejected by the board, is now in a hold on their last protest to that decision awaiting their protest of the zoning board’s decision.

Dank dumpster dope

Apologies for the alliteration, but Curio’s Maryland dispensary was fined by MCA for literally fishing weed out of a dumpster to sell in January. I mean, half a pound of Amnesia is a lot of money. I am sure we’ve all done worse to scrape up a few grams to smoke. But in all seriousness, Curio paid $26,000 for this screw up which is much more than they made off those eights. MCA did not come to play! Read the consent order here. And business, keep track of your product and certainly don’t sell it if it sat in the garbage for two days. 

Virginia lawmakers approve adult-use cannabis sales bill

Virginia lawmakers in the House and Senate passed identical bills on Wednesday seeking to establish a regulated adult-use cannabis market in the state. Under the legislation, hopeful cannabis entrepreneurs can submit applications for cannabis cultivation, processing, retail, and testing operations starting September 1, with the legal market set to open for business in May 2025. Under the proposal, cannabis products would be taxed up to 11.625%. Youngkin is still likely to veto the legislation. 

Virginia lawmakers passed a bill protecting people from losing child custody or facing neglect charges solely because they use marijuana legally.

East Coast Round Up

Oklahoma, a state with legal marijuana, busted a truck smuggling 7,000 pounds of weed to New York, highlighting the issue of the traditional market shops that Gov. Hochul continues to try and fight against them. 

New York‘s governor, Kathy Hochul, is criticizing social media platforms and search engines like Google and Meta (formerly Facebook) for allowing illegal marijuana sellers to advertise on their sites. 

Around the country

Trulieve, a major marijuana company, got $113 million back in taxes after claiming they shouldn’t have owed that much under a specific IRS rule. They originally requested $143 million.

Cannabis use was linked to an increase in heart attack and stroke risk, according to a new study

In the US, most people now live in a state where marijuana is legal, and many counties have at least one dispensary, according to new research from PEW.

From the Swamp

President Biden’s recent pardons for federal marijuana possession don’t apply to active military personnel. The military has drug policies under a different law (10 U.S.C 112a) and these pardons are specifically for federal convictions. This applies even to marijuana possession on federal property.


Vermont lawmakers are considering a bill (S114) that would legalize psilocybin and establish a work group to study how to regulate psychedelics for medical use. There is openness to amending the bill, including potentially removing legalization and focusing solely on the work group for now.

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