The Sesh: Martin Mitchell On The Rise Of Weed To The Political Mainstream

In American political life, cannabis has recently gone from a somewhat taboo topic to a key issue at the center of many politicians’ platforms. In Congress, weed legalization is now regularly debated on both sides of the aisle, with Republicans and Democrats vying to become the party that finally reforms federal cannabis laws.

But the topic of weed isn’t just important at the national or even state level, and has crept its way into local politics as well. No one knows that better than Martin Mitchell, who last year won a seat on the city council of Laurel, Md. by campaigning on a pro-pot platform. A longtime advocate for weed reform, Mitchell also serves as the president of the Prince George’s County Young Democrats and of the Young Democrats of Maryland.

In Episode 3 of The Sesh, host Kevin Lance Murray sat down with Mitchell to ask why he’s putting cannabis front and center, and how weed turned into a mainstream topic – even in the most conservative political circles. Mitchell also weighed in on Maryland’s upcoming referendum on legalizing recreational cannabis, explaining why he thinks it will likely pass, and what that could mean for the state’s existing medical weed industry.

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Longtime cannabis advocate Martin Mitchell, who was elected to Laurel’s city council last year, speaks at a Black Lives Matter protest on June 7, 2020.
The Sesh: Martin Mitchell On The Rise Of Weed To The Political Mainstream


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