Dr Chanda looks over cannabis plants

The Sesh: Dr. Chanda Macias On Becoming An ‘OG’ Of Medical Weed


It’s been nearly a decade since D.C. opened its first medical cannabis dispensary. Since then, the District’s medical cannabis industry has gone through numerous ups and downs: from drastic regulatory changes to the rise of a parallel weed “gifting” economy that is increasingly cutting into its bottom line. And that’s not to mention regular interference from Congress, which continues to block District officials from regulating pot as they see fit.

As the founder of National Holistic Healing Center, one of the first medical dispensaries to open in the District, Dr. Chanda Macias knows what it takes to stay afloat in the often treacherous waters of the D.C. cannabis scene. The veteran entrepreneur, biomedical researcher and educator is considered a trailblazer in the field of cannabis and hemp, having launched a number of successful business ventures across several states. In Louisiana, she’s the CEO of Ilera Holistic Healthcare, one of only two companies authorized to process medical cannabis in the state.

In Episode 2, The Sesh host Kevin Lance Murray sat down with Macias to ask how she’s approached building a loyal customer base in the District while navigating the twists and turns of local regulation. He also got deeper into what’s driving her personal success in the weed world.

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