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The Sesh with Kevin Lance Murray

The Sesh is an interview-based podcast by The Outlaw Report on the business, politics and culture of cannabis in the DMV. Host Kevin Lance Murray, a comedian and entrepreneur, gets real with some of the brightest, most influential players on the local weed scene to find out what really makes it tick. Guests this season will include industry leaders, policy experts, drug reform advocates, politicians and more.

The show is produced and edited by Gaspard Le Dem and Maddie Poore. Tune in on Spotify or Apple Music, and make sure to subscribe to get notified when a new episode drops.

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May 17, 2022

Martin Mitchell On The Rise Of Weed To The Political Mainstream 

Longtime cannabis advocate Martin Michell won a seat last year on the city council of Laurel, Md. by running on a pro-weed platform. The 31-year-old Laurel native explains why his campaign put weed front and center and how pot has come to matter so much in today’s political discourse.

April 8, 2022

Dr. Chanda Macias On Becoming An ‘OG’ Of Medical Weed

As the founder of National Holistic Healing Center, one of the first medical cannabis dispensaries to open in the District, Dr. Chanda Macias knows what it’s like to navigate the ever-changing regulations and tricky politics of weed in the nation’s capital.

March 17, 2022

Grindstone on Gifting and the Growth of Cannabis in D.C.

In our inaugural episode, Kevin sits down with the CEO of Grindstone, a cannabis “gifting” shop located in the heart of Adams Morgan. As a founder of the I-71 committee, he’s been busy advocating for an equitable shift to a legal adult-use cannabis market in the District.

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Comedian and entrepreneur Kevin Lance Murray aims to unspool the wild and wonderful world of cannabis in the DMV. Through interviews with industry leaders, policy experts, and drug advocates, Murray explores the region’s vibrant cannabis culture, with conversations on policy, culture and between experts and those shaking up the industry.