Newsletter: D.C. parents up in arms over new medical dispensary, despite no on-site consumption


D.C. parents come after new medical licensees 

A few new medical licensees have brought the wrath of D.C.’s elite parents down upon them. Currently, Green Theory, a newly licensed medical dispensary came to a settlement with its ANC, but last week a group of parents raised arms and released a press release claiming “It is unthinkable that D.C. would allow kids as young as 3 years old to be so directly exposed to the sale and consumption of drugs next to the places where they learn and play.” 

However, Green Theory does not have a consumption or summer garden license making it illegal for people to smoke inside or outside the business. Smoking cannabis in public is still illegal in D.C.

 Popville published the press release last week with no attribution and only later added a comment from Green Theory. A T.V. segment also covered the issue but with no comment from the business. 480 people have signed the “1000 feet” petition

This issue does highlight D.C.’s lack of real estate, forcing schools, liquor stores and dispensaries into commercial zones. 

  • No new raids have been reported on gifting shops. However, warning letters are starting to get sent out.
  • Next ABC board meeting is Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.

Long-awaited Maryland lottery awards first social equity cannabis licenses, two counties still delayed due to litigation

After a 73-day delay, Maryland held its first cannabis lottery for adult-use licenses on March 14, 2024. The lottery awarded 174 lucky applicants dispensary, grower or processor licenses. Both Calvert and Talbot County were not included in the lottery due to pending litigation. Mainor Ramirez and his wife, Shalain, were among the lucky winners. They entered the lottery for a micro dispensary license in the Southern district where their chance of winning was less than 3%. Their business, ShayshayTreats and Delivery Service, was one of only two winners chosen from 71 applicants. Read more

  • The Maryland Cannabis Administration fined Cannabus, LLC for failing to report ownership changes in its license. The company transferred ownership before it was legal and inaccurately reported its ownership structure.
  • The Maryland Legislature voted to check local authorities from controlling cannabis shops. 

Gov. Youngkin publicly says he will veto cannabis bill 

For the first time since the Virginia legislature sent an adult-use cannabis market launch bill to Gov. Younkgin’s desk he publicly responded to questions about his veto: “I don’t plan on signing that bill,” Youngkin said. “I had somebody ask me if I was gonna to sign. Anybody who thinks I’m going to sign that legislation must have been smoking something.” 

The Virginia Cannabis Control Authority board of directors met last Wednesday.

East Coast Round Up

A cannabis company owner in New York who spoke out about illegal products in the legal market faced retaliation from regulators, including a shutdown of her facility. This incident is likely to further damage trust between the cannabis industry and the state’s regulatory body.

To improve accountability, New York regulators are implementing a system to report on businesses that miss payments within the marijuana industry.

New York’s Gov. Hochul ordered a review to speed up the licensing process starting this week after declaring the licensing rollout a “disaster.” 

Massachusetts’ governor plans to pardon hundreds of thousands with past misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions.Massachusetts surpassed $7 billion in legal marijuana sales despite the price per gram of weed dropping to record lows.

Around the country

New York’s 85 licensed retailers are outnumbered by more than 2,000 unlicensed shops. The continual dumpster fire has led to the Gov. calling for a review of OCM. Damian Fagon was placed on leave after NY Cannabis Insider investigation alleged retaliation against a cannabis biz owner.  

A Rolling Stone’s expose on the plight of NY’s farmers left us completely depressed. It lays out how the farmers risked everything to be strung out by the state and are losing everything because they trusted the launch of a legal program:  “I have to pay my taxes. I won’t be able to reapply for the official growing license if I don’t pay them. There is also my late mortgage payments. There’s no food on my table,” one farmer told RS.

Migrant workers allege unsafe and unfair labor practices at a Brooklyn tobacco factory that produces “grabba.” The workers say they are sick from working long hours without proper breaks and safety gear, and that they are not being paid minimum wage. OSHA and the state Department of Labor are investigating the complaints. The company denied the allegations.

Culture & More

A Colorado bill is sparking controversy as it could make positive online discussion about legal marijuana, some psychedelics, and even certain medications illegal. The bill targets social media platforms, requiring them to remove content promoting “illicit substances.” 

Weed reporters are getting kicked off of Substack because its payment processor Stripe won’t process their payments.

Around the Country

THCA could be squeaking under the Farm Bill’s 0.3% THC cap and be federally hemp compliant. It’s the third most sold hemp product. 

Colorado’s cannabis sales flat lined in January at a little over $115 million.

From the Swamp

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reaffirmed her support for cannabis banking legislation. 

Congressman Earl Blumenauer pressed the Secretary of Health and Human Services for the to “break the logjam” on cannabis reform. 

Senate Banking Chair Sherrod Brown told Askapol that SAFER Banking is “a high priority,”. “[Senate Majority Leader Chuck] Schumer wants to do it. I want to do it. [Ranking Republican Sen. Tim] Scott’s not up for it, but plenty of members of the committee are.”

The House Banking Act got three new democratic co-sponsors. States’ top law enforcement officials, in a bipartisan group of 21 Attorneys General, urged Congress to tighten regulations on “intoxicating hemp” products in the upcoming Farm Bill reauthorization. They argue a loophole in the 2018 bill has been exploited by bad actors.


Biden could also push for a rescheduling of psilocybin. 

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