High-priced medical cannabis in Virginia pushes patients to traditional market


Catch the Smoke: Nov. 27, 2023

Where’s the weed in D.C. – a complete picture, for now

We mapped out every approved or placarded cannabis business in D.C. this weekend! Click here to read our map. See it here. There are are only two ABCA board meetings left this month

  • This is a calendar of 2024 ABCA meetings.
  • The second to last meeting of this year is Wednesday, Dec. 6, 10:30 A.M. stream here.

  • Scheduled license protests are scheduled for Mar. 20, 2024.

High school student “edible” consumption lands them in hospital

According to the authorities in Baltimore, two students went to the hospital after adverse reactions to alleged edibles. One had a seizure and the other went unconscious. The school is investigating.

  • First adult-use licenses’ applications in Maryland will close on Dec. 12.

  • P.S. if anyone has a line on MCA, let us know. They’ve been unresponsive to our interview requests for over a month! Word on the street is they’re not being responsive to many people. We dislike this! We love government transparency! Receipts below.

High priced medical weed drives Virginian’s out of state or underground

A new study from the Virginia Cannabis Control Authority found that the price of medical cannabis in Virginia is significantly higher than in other states, driving 90% of patients to purchase cannabis from sources other than the Virginia medical market. It found that the average price per gram of medical cannabis in Virginia is $34 (HOT DANG!), while the average price in other states is $22. This drives patients to find cheaper weed across state lines or from their block dude.

East Coast Round Up

New York industry will finally see relief in a settlement filed last Tuesday and approved Friday which will allow the social equity program that allowed people with cannabis-related charges to get license priority. 436 stores could open.

The next Cannabis board meeting is Dec. 8, 2023. NYC’s mayor also announced his crackdown on illegal smoke shops’ landlords.

New Hampshire’s governor made the cannabis market even more difficult to launch by introducing a 15-store cap statewide and a ban on lobbying and political contributions by cannabis businesses as non-negotiables. The cannabis commission closed with no recommendations.

New Jersey’s governor said he was open to legalizing home grown cannabis but wants the state’s market to mature first.

Culture Corner

An independent analysis of licensed cannabis testing-laboratory data has revealed widespread inflation of THC potency levels in marijuana flower sold in legal stores across four states. The analysis, conducted by MJBizDaily, indicates that THC potency is routinely and systematically inflated, sometimes by as much as 25% or more.

Police violently arrested a hemp user in North Carolina after she resisted arrest. Marijuana is still illegal in the state.

A lawsuit filed in Oregon is challenging the federal ban on interstate commerce of cannabis. The plaintiffs argue that the ban is unconstitutional and that it harms Oregon’s cannabis industry.

Alleged primary cannabis distributor for the Sinaloa cartel shot dead in Los Angeles.

From the Swamp

Ahead of the potential renewal of the Farm Bill, the U.S. Congressional Research Service (CRS) issued a memo addressing the need for continued federal support to ensure the hemp industry‘s long-term viability.

The Supreme Court is considering whether the legalization of hemp affects gun laws for people with past marijuana convictions in a new case. The case hinges on the interpretation of the Armed Career Criminal Act, which imposes mandatory minimum sentences for certain offenses.

More medical cannabis users are having to choose between their guns or medicine.

Safe Banking got three new cosponsors including one Republican. But Congress seems pretty busy kicking members out of office for Onlyfans use sooo idk when the bill will see the light.


The Massachusetts Psychedelics Campaign announced that they will be submitting an additional 100,000 signatures for a  legalization initiative to the state’s elections office after officials discovered invalid petition forms.

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