D.C.’s new cannabis entrepreneurs look to launch into an expanded market


Catch the Smoke: Nov. 27, 2023

Four cannabis entrepreneurs look to launch into the legal market 

The Outlaw report talked with four conditionally approved cannabis growers and manufacturers as they look to launch into the legal D.C. market. Read more here

  • Legacy D.C. grower is still looking for a legal grow job after getting evicted and a lawyer to represent him against his landlord. 
  • ANC 2B is protesting the first safe use cannabis facility. National Holistic Healing Center received a placard last month for cannabis consumption and a summer garden on its property. 

PG rejects zoning limit

In a decisive vote, the Prince George’s County Council rejected a proposal to confine cannabis dispensaries to industrial zones or business parks. As one of the largest and most diverse counties in Maryland, Prince George’s County holds significant potential to become a major player in the legal cannabis market.

MD hemp faces set back

The Maryland Supreme Court refused to review a lower court’s decision that temporarily blocked enforcement of Maryland’s ban on unlicensed retailers selling hemp products with THC levels above 0.3%. This leaves businesses that sell these products in a state of uncertainty, as they may still face legal challenges.

  • Maryland’s recreational marijuana market has led to a rise in cannabis-infused dinner parties, though the legality of these gatherings is still in question.
  • As of last Monday, MCA verified over 1,500 social equity applicants: 500 more than previously listed. 
  • The first application period closes Dec. 12 at 5 P.M. EST. 
  • A legislative report summarized the government’s cannabis actions

Virginia cannabis shops dance on the edge

Despite cannabis entrepreneurs using creative gifting to get around illegally selling weed, the state’s attorney general has made clear that he wants to enforce the law and raid these “unlawful” gifting establishments. 

  • The state has collected a total of $92,675 in hemp fines from 14 businesses. 

East Coast Round Up

New York created an interactive map tracking the 1.2 million cannabis arrests made over the last four decades in the state. 

With the federal government still dragging its feet on passing marijuana banking reform, New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation to make it slightly easier for financial institutions to work with state-licensed cannabis businesses. 

New York regulators sent an open letter to marijuana equity applicants attempting to explain the delay in reaching a settlement of a lawsuit that has prevented more dispensaries from opening.

A New York man was convicted of criminal possession of a weapon and marijuana after police officers smelled marijuana in his car and searched it. The Court of Appeals of New York rejected both arguments and upheld the man’s conviction.

The New York State Social Equity Cannabis Investment Fund, designed to help people with past cannabis convictions enter the legal cannabis industry, is instead exposing them to predatory lending and stifling their ability to succeed.

Massachusetts‘ recreational cannabis industry grew significantly in the past five years, generating over $5 billion in sales and opening hundreds of businesses. But the industry faces challenges in the coming years, including increased competition, new license types and continued efforts to promote equity.

A Massachusetts woman died after an asthma attack at a cannabis production plant. Her family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company, claiming it failed to protect workers from airborne cannabis dust and mold.

A family farm in upstate New York is one of the many businesses that is benefiting from the legalization of marijuana in the state. The Dobsons are proud of the quality of cannabis they grow, and they are optimistic about the future of the industry.

A Pennsylvania court ordered the state’s health department to release data about medical marijuana certifications issued by individual doctors. It could be used to identify doctors bending or breaking the state’s rules. 

Culture Corner

As recent studies raise concerns about the potential link between cannabis use and increased heart disease risk, cannabis users grapple with the implications of these findings. 

New York City’s overdose prevention centers (OPCs) have not led to an increase in crime, according to a new study by the American Medical Association (AMA). The study found that crime rates remained stable in areas surrounding the OPCs, even as arrests for drug offenses decreased. 

Snoop said JK, he didn’t launch an edible line but threw his weight behind a smokeless fireplace. He’s still smoking weed. 

Benzinga apologized for the fake Berner interview

HighTimes featured a history on Arik Roper’s defining stoner visualizations for many famous music groups. They’re beautiful, check it out.

From the Swamp

The Washington Post posted a feature on why reclassification of weed may not be the boost for reform the industry wants. 

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said he is waiting to secure more GOP votes before moving forward with the marijuana banking bill.


The Massachusetts Psychedelics Campaign announced that they will be submitting an additional 100,000 signatures for a  legalization initiative to the state’s elections office after officials discovered invalid petition forms.

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