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D.C. Enacts Medical Marijuana Patient Card Extension and Tax Holiday

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The District of Columbia has implemented significant changes for medical marijuana patients, extending the validity period for registration cards and offering a temporary tax break on purchases.

Signed by Mayor Muriel Bowser on April 8th, the new law streamlines the registration process for qualifying patients and caregivers. Previously, these cards expired every two years, requiring renewal. 

Now, new registrants will receive cards valid for six years, reducing administrative burdens and simplifying access to medical cannabis. Registration remains free for D.C. residents and caregivers until August 1st, 2024, with self-certification available for those 21 and older.

The most anticipated change, however, is the 4/20 Medical Cannabis Sales Tax Holiday Week. Running from April 15th to April 28th, 2024, this initiative waives the usual 6% sales tax on medical cannabis products, excluding paraphernalia, for both D.C. residents and non-residents. This can translate to significant savings for patients who rely on medical marijuana to manage chronic conditions.

Officials hope the tax holiday will encourage patients to purchase from licensed D.C. retailers, ensuring product quality and safety. A complete list of licensed retailers, categorized by ward, is included within the legislation to assist patients in locating a nearby dispensary.

This move aligns with the District’s ongoing efforts to promote a safe and regulated medical cannabis market. By streamlining registration, offering tax breaks, and encouraging purchases from licensed dispensaries, the D.C. Council aims to improve patient access and generate revenue for the city.

For more information on patient registration, contact ABCA.CannabisInfo@dc.gov. Patients and caregivers are also encouraged to visit the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue website for details on the tax holiday and proper reporting procedures for licensed retailers.

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