D.C. communities begin to turn hostel to new medical cannabis shops


Catch the Smoke: Jan. 15, 2024

D.C. ANCs get cold feet on weed

Despite a friendly D.C. council, the wheels are starting to fall off the medical expansion meant to fold I-71 shops into a legal market. Multiple unlicensed operators that were awarded licenses are facing protest by their ANCs (neighborhood committees). These include No Kids Allowed, New Leaf and DC Smoke.

  • A council also passed a new bill that lays out fines for unlicensed gifting shops.

Maryland Man found with drugs and gun

A routine traffic stop in Charles County, Maryland, escalated into a multi-faceted criminal case. Jimon Khaleel Williams attempted to flee deputies after they observed a potential firearm bulge in his clothing. The ensuing pursuit resulted in the discovery of a gun, ammunition, cannabis and psilocybin. Williams now faces numerous charges.

  • Maryland’s marijuana restrictions on police recruits face scrutiny as concerns mount about hindering recruitment efforts amidst nationwide staffing shortages.

Hope for Virginia market shines, sorta

A bill creating the recreational market in Virginia will be reintroduced by Senator Adam Ebbin. It would replace the former social equity license structure with a system of micro licenses. But Gov. Youngkin said he still has little interest in pressing forward with cannabis legislation.

East Coast Round Up

New York published an update on their enforcement against illegal cannabis retailers. Over $4.2 million worth of illicit cannabis was reportedly seized in December, bringing the annual total to over $57 million.

New Jersey brought 57 dispensaries online last year.

Despite a 36% year-over-year surge in sales to $217 million in 2023, Maine’s booming cannabis market faces potential consolidation due to saturation concerns.

Connecticut AG clamps down on “gifting party” skirting cannabis regulations. HighBazaar, a weekly event disguised as selling accessories with “free” cannabis gifts, got a cease-and-desist notice for operating illegally.

Around the country

Oklahoma’s medical marijuana market, once a wild west of low barriers and high production, has seen a major crackdown in 2023. Regulators slashed the number of licensed grows by nearly half, targeting illicit and noncompliant operators.

Thailand’s new government is set to ban recreational cannabis after decriminalizing it in 2022.

Less than one-third of California’s labs can actually test weed because only 12 labs comply with the state’s standardized rules for testing THC levels.

From the Swamp

The House bill to federally legalize cannabis added three new cosponsors, a total of 82 now support the bill.


A Rhode Island bill proposes temporary decriminalization of psilocybin mushrooms through possession, home cultivation & sharing until 2026, focusing on personal use rather than commercial sales. This aims to offer accessible medical benefits while awaiting federal reform.

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