Quick Hit: Mexico Likely To Legalize Cannabis


It is likely that quite soon Mexico will have made cannabis legal. Earlier this month, the bill was approved by the Senate and is now in the hands of the Chamber of Deputies (essentially, Mexico’s Congress). Mexico’s proposal for legalization would allow adults to purchase, possess, and use cannabis (the threshold is 28 grams) and also have up to six plants for home growing. 

Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador addressed legalization last week in terms of personal freedom and responsibility.

“Now with the pandemic it has been made clear that it is possible to face difficult, painful situations with the conscious participation of citizens, that we can look after ourselves,” he said. “There is more social responsibility, more awareness, and [cannabis legalization] is part of the aim of carrying out a revolution of consciousness in which each of us becomes responsible for our actions.”

This also means the United States will soon sit between two other countries where cannabis is legalized.



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