Quick Hit: There’s a New Cannabinoid—Sesqui CBG

Scientists have announced that they have “discovered” a new class of Cannabinoids—Sesqui-Cannabinoids. In a press release put out by Medican on Thursday, December 10, the pharmaceutical company announced there is a patent-pending on the process to biosynthesize this new class of Cannabinoid they’ve called Sesqui CBG.

“This is a significant new discovery. We are the only company in the world who has figured out how to produce these Sesqui-Cannabinoids and filed a patent on them. This has the potential to be the next generation of highly active rare Cannabinoids,” Medican CEO Maxim Mikheev said in a press release. “All our Sesqui-Cannabinoids will have a significant amount of the attributes that are found in CBD, CBG, THCV and THCA but will also have some different attributes that could potentially make them significantly better.”

This is encouraging news for cannabis science and as Politico cannabis policy reporter Natalie Fertig joked, also gives politicians one more cannabis-related word to bungle: “Because we needed…longer, more complicated words for lawmakers to have to pronounce in hearings,” Fertig tweeted.

Photo by Tinnakorn jorruang via Shutterstock



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