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The Outlaw Report Podcast Episode 02: Cannabis in the DMV During COVID-19


In the second episode of The Outlaw Report podcast, Prohibited podcast founder Scott Cecil talks to reporter Brandon Soderberg about how Maryland, Washington DC, and Virgina are dealing with cannabis during COVID-19. They discuss responses to cannabis laws by police during the pandemic and how the medicinal cannabis industry in Maryland and DC are dealing with COVID-19: making exceptions to access and pick-up based on Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission rules and in DC, allowing dispensaries the ability to deliver to patients for the first time, finally affording them a privilege the district’s “gray market” has had for years.

You can listen to episode one of The Outlaw Report Podcast, where Cecil and Soderberg discuss the state of Maryland’s Medicinal Cannabis industry here.

Below, a list of the stories referenced and discussed during the episode.

“Changes to Cannabis Charges in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia Amid Coronavirus”

“ACLU Report Reveals Racial Disparities For Cannabis Arrests Remain Amid Reform”

“Baltimore Cannabis Arrests Rare Amid COVID-19”

“The Aboveground and Underground Cannabis Economy in Maryland Amid COVID-19”

“Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission Meeting Deals With COVID-19, Ignores Cheryl Glenn Scandal Again”

“Virginia Decriminalizes Cannabis, Plans To Establish Legalization Workgroup”

“Virginia Cannabis Reform Continues”

“Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton Pushes For Commercial Cannabis in Washington D.C.”

”Washington DC Dispensaries Respond to Cannabis Delivery Rule”

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