The Outlaw Report Podcast Episode 03: Cannabis and Defunding The Police


In the third episode of The Outlaw Report podcast, Prohibited podcast founder Scott Cecil talks to reporter Brandon Soderberg about racial justice and cannabis amid nationwide protests against police violence following the police killing of George Floyd. Cecil and Soderberg discussed Washington D.C.’s proposed budget and its perceived workaround for facilitating a commercial cannabis industry (and how that same budget makes no concessions to demands to defund police) and the racial disparities in cannabis arrests in data released by the Metropolitan Police Department’; a Maryland court ruling related to police brutality and cannabis that came down the same week police killed George Floyd; and what it means for Virginia governor Ralph Northam, who just a few years ago was exposed as wearing blackface in an old yearbook photo, to be talking about racial justice and how it relates to cannabis.

You can listen to episode one of The Outlaw Report Podcast, where Cecil and Soderberg discuss the state of Maryland’s Medicinal Cannabis industry here and episode two, where Cecil and Soderberg discussed cannabis amid COVID-19 here.



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