Quick Hit: In Praise Of John Fetterman


Amid the months of bogus claims of election fraud from President Donald Trump and his fanatical supporters which escalated further last week during the attack on the Capitol, one of the beacons of progressive politics and just downright reasonability has been Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman. Amid an endless sea of bloviating wrinkled-up Republicans trying to steal the election, this big dude with tattoos and a goatee not having any of it was well, heartening. The guy said Trump was “no different than any other random internet troll,” which is a nice, clear-eyed zinger and The Independent called Fetterman, “Pennsylvania’s anger translator, and Donald Trump’s worst nightmare.” Oh and he has used his newfound national fame to get real about cannabis. In a Dec. 8 op-ed titled, “Get with the program. Legalize weed.,” Fetterman discussed the MORE Act, argued for legalization, highlighted the absurdity of current drug laws (not to mention drug stigma) and even called cannabis, “the outlaw plant”: “Decades ago, our country outlawed a plant. This plant, then as now, has never resulted in a single overdose death. Since the plant is an outlaw, you’ll be branded one if you’re unlucky enough to get arrested for casually consuming it. What a profoundly odd and destructive national fixation — one that seems more like superstition than rational argument,” the op-ed begins.

And now, Fetterman is considering running for Senate and has already raised more than a half-million dollars since he announced he may run. More Fettermans in office and less Trumps please.



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