Quick Hit: 68% of Americans Now Support Cannabis Legalization


In news to no one who reads The Outlaw Report but worth noting anyway: The majority of people support cannabis legalization. See, according to the most recent Gallup poll, a whopping 68% of Americans support the legalization of cannabis. That is up slightly from last year’s polling results where 66% of Americans supported legalization and the overall polling over the last five years which hovered between 64% and 64%.

“Americans are more likely now than at any point in the past five decades to support the legalization of marijuana in the U.S.,” Gallup’s Megan Brenan writes.

Gallup has been polling Americans’ views on cannabis legalization since 1969. Then support was at 12% but nearly a decade later in 1977, support was at 27%. Support hovered around 30% through 2000, Gallup explained, “but has risen steeply in the two decades since then, and is now twice what it was in 2001 and 2003.”

The National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Laws (NORML) commented on the poll.

“In national polls and at the ballot box, the American public has spoken loudly and clearly,” NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri said. “The overwhelming majority of Americans favor ending the failed policies of marijuana prohibition and replacing it with a policy of legalization, regulation, taxation, and public education. Elected officials — at both the state and federal level — ought to be listening.”

You can read Brenan’s article on the polling here where you can see the data unpacked on a micro level, including how support breaks down among gender, age, education, income, political party affiliation, religious service attendance, and more.



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