These guidelines establish the framework for The Outlaw Report LLC’s engagement with advertising partners and the balance between editorial and advertising content. Our primary commitment is to preserve our editorial integrity and the trust of our audience. We recognize the importance of transparent guidelines to safeguard this trust. Given the dynamic nature of the media industry, we expect to periodically revise these guidelines, remaining responsive to feedback from our readers and stakeholders.

General Advertising Guidelines

  1. Advertisement Labeling: All advertising content must be clearly distinguishable from editorial content. We will label content as “Advertisement” when necessary to clarify its nature.
  2. Advertiser Responsibility: Advertisers must ensure their ads are substantiated, legal, and comply with all relevant guidelines. Although advertising content does not necessarily reflect the views of The Outlaw Report LLC or its editors, any content deemed false, unlawful, or misleading will be rejected or removed.
  3. Content Standards:
    • No indecent, vulgar, or offensive material.
    • No content detrimental to the legal cannabis industry or promoting illegal activities.
    • No hateful, violent, or inflammatory content.
    • No personal attacks against individuals or organizations.
  4. Editorial Independence: Our editorial team remains uninvolved in advertising decisions, ensuring unbiased content integrity.
  5. Right to Reject or Remove: We reserve the right to refuse or remove any advertising that could harm our brand’s reputation, with or without notice, regardless of prior acceptance.

Featured Content Guidelines

Sponsor & Advertiser Agreement

Engagement and Feedback

We encourage advertisers and sponsors to reach out with questions or feedback through designated contact channels. Our commitment to responsiveness and flexibility aims to foster productive partnerships and continuous improvement of our advertising practices.

By advertising with The Outlaw Report LLC, advertisers accept these terms, which are amendable as our platform evolves. This approach ensures adaptability and fairness in our advertising practices, reflecting our commitment to upholding the highest standards of trust and integrity in the evolving cannabis industry landscape.